cylinder division

Production Facility (Gravure Printing Cylinders)

Uflex Cylinder Business has Production Facilities in India & Overseas:

  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Jammu, J&K, India
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone, United Arab Emirates
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Nairobi, Kenya
All our Manufacturing Facilities have their respective Departments:-

1) In house designing:
In-house “CREATIVE Team…..
We offer oOne stop solution from Design to Print – traversing the complete life-cycle.

A dedicated team of designers does an exceptionally creative job with immaculate finesse. We create designs for all kinds of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

In house designing In house designing

2) Pre-press:
Uflex Digital Pre-press Department uses a specialized packaging and planning software ARTPRO & Pac Z to meet Gravure & Flexo printing requirements. The software is the last word in techniques like color separation, trapping, bar code generation and pantone. Highly experienced and internationally trained professionals spin their magic on color calibrated monitors for optimum halftone results. Besides this, exclusive soft-wares are deployed for making wall papers, wood grain and texture design cylinders. To get vibrant and rich colors, Hexa-chrome technology is put in use. The digital file finally gets ready to be engraved on the cylinder. Most importantly, in order to maintain the confidentiality of the job, our State-of-the-art ERP solution makes sure to safeguard all the interests of our esteemed customers.

 Pre-press  Pre-press

Prepress Features:-
GMG Color Management....

  • Software helps to create color calibrated prints with engraving to match final printing results.
  • Output data of Dot gain / Dot lost is stored as a reference from proofing and printing machines.
  • 50% reduction in Test Proofing Activity.


Prepress Output on Actual Substrate

  • The output on actual packaging substrate helps closest validation of colors for shade approval.
  • Time & Cost saving management.
  • The output will be at your door step in 24-48 hours.


3) Cylinder Manufacturing Facilities:
a) In-house base shell manufacturing

  • Accuracy up to 10 microns/ meter.
  • CNC Machines, Inner Bore Making Machine, Cone & Flange making Machine, High Accuracy Grinding machine, Auto Wielding Machine etc.
  • This ensures Dynamic Balancing for achieving line speed up to 500 m / min.
  • Speed to market: Design to Dispatch – all in 4 working days.

Inner Bore Making Machine

Inner Bore Making Machine

Inner Bore Making Machine Inner Bore Making Machine

b) Fully automatic plating line from trusted suppliers

  • De-chrome
  • De-greasing
  • Nickel Plating
  • Copper Plating
  • Chrome Plating
  • Chrome Polishing

 Plating line from trusted suppliers  Plating line from trusted suppliers
To make sure engraving meets international standards, dynamically balanced base shells with accurate thickness and hardness are passed through high precision imported grinders The base shells then undergo a sophisticated multistage galvanic process on the State of the art fully automated, environment friendly galvanic line from MDC Daetwyler, Switzerland. Here they are de-creased to get rid of dust, oil, dirt or any other foreign particles before undergoing a uniform electroplating of nickel and copper. In chrome plating we can get hardness above 1100 vikers & microcracks 400/cm (Min.).

c) High Precision copper polishing line from trusted suppliers....
High Precision copper polishing line from trusted suppliers High Precision copper polishing line from trusted suppliers
High Precision copper polishing line from trusted suppliers

A high precision digitally controlled MDC Daetwyler "Polish master machine" with an accuracy of 10 microns per meter is used to achieve accurate and mirror surface that is required for electronic engraving on the cylinder.

d) Engraving
Electronic Engraving:
Mega depth up to 80-100 microns can be engraved.
Extreme Head & Transcribe Head Technology for sharper / micro text.

Electronic Engraving Electronic Engraving
Electronic Engraving Electronic Engraving

Laser Engraving:
Apart from existing 12 electronic engraving lines, A State of the art Schepers LASER has been added at our manufacturing site at Noida.

Laser Engraving

e) Cylinder Proofing
All the manufactured cylinders are proofed to cross check the process parameters and also to validate output synchronization amongst Pre-press, Engraving machine and Printing machine… we ensure “whatever we proof replicates in print…”

Cylinder Proofing Cylinder Proofing

Accucheck proof reader:-
The unique proof reading process make ensures the errorless and efficient, proof checking.
The actual proof on substrate is scanned and superimposed on soft file of the approved design. Any deviation can be easily detected by this customized software.

f) Quality Checks
QC at each and every stage of the process:-

  • Chemical analysis of plating bath on daily basis.
  • Standardized engraving parameters.
  • Cylinder quality analysis.
  • Proof reading, shade matching as per customer requirement; checking for Delta E and LAB values of colors, Barcode verification & reporting.

Quality Checks Quality Checks