cylinder division

Operational Excellence

  • With time, we have upgraded and diversified our manufacturing facilities by adding Flexo “Xlarge” Laser of high definition image up to 5080 DPI with flexo proofer.
  • Schepers Laser has also been added to the kitty .This has given Uflex a competitive edge in the area of application for Packaging, Corrugated Printing, Specialized Coating, Embossing, Decorative Laminates, Security Features etc.
  • Digital processing during our rotogravure production enables us to produce a perfect register, a potent combination of electronically engraved, laser engraved cylinders.

A recently installed Robotic Laser Engraving Line from M/s Think Lab, Japan, can produce more than 60 Cylinders per day.

Operational Excellence Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence Operational Excellence

To make sure that engraving meets international standards, dynamically balanced base shells with accurate thickness and hardness are passed through high precision imported grinders.

We adopt Stringent Quality Control at each stage of production to ensure world class cylinders. Few of our practices include:

  • Period Calibration of Scanner-Monitor-Prepress Digital-Cylinder Proof;
  • Checking and improving the H/T images on the colour calibrated monitors to the minutest of detail;
  • Dynamic balancing of each cylinder at 500 RPM;
  • Blue print for cone and bore's accuracy;
  • Proof with H/T images and exact colour scheme for customers’ final approval;
  • Proof reading and comparison with the original artwork before engraving cylinders;
  • Inkjet proofing of complete cylinder layout through the circumference and width;
  • Daily analysis of electroplating baths for Nickel, Copper and Chrome.
  • Accurately checking copper hardness of each cylinder.
  • Accurately checking chrome hardness of each cylinder.
  • Diameter of each cylinder from one end to the other is gauged.
  • Roughness of each cylinder is ascertained.
  • Cell geometry (Cell width/ Cell wall/ Depth) for each cylinder is checked to ensure correct reproducibility and consistency.
  • Meticulous checking and matching of each cylinder proof with the master sample/ artwork-prior to dispatch.Appropriate packing of cylinders is carried out to avoid any damage while in transit.