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Production Facility (Polymer & Elastomer Flexo Plates)

Our Digital Flexoplate processing set up offers significant advantages to advance the quality & productivity of your organization owing to a unique combination of direct digital imaging and CYREL fast thermal processing.

In house design development
In house design development In house design development
In house design development
Polymer & Elastomer Flexo Plates

New Esko CDI Imager with XPS Crystal Digital Exposure

HD CDI Imager :
Automated Loading & unloading of plates with transfer from Imager to UVLED exposer unit for Back & main exposure.

HDFlexo compatible with offset and Gravure quality and consistency.
Resolution from 2000-2450 ppl (Standard optics) and 300Ipl screens, 1-99%dot.
Smooth vignettes down to zero through innvative screening technology.
improved ink lay down through gravure aloke screening.
Digital Plate Cutting System
Digital Plate Cutting System
Flexo Proffer

A Unique Flexo Plate Proofing Machine Developed by Uflex. Can provide proof on actual substrate with various Anilox rollers as per client’s requirement.
Uflex is the only Company in India having Proofing Facility for Flexo Plates & Sleeves.

Flexo Proffer Flexo Proffer